best undercounter ice makerSearching for the comprehensive best under-counter ice maker reviews out there? If so, you are fortunate because you have come to the right spot to collect a few ice maker machine information.

Yes, today we’ll discuss the best under counter ice maker which is for people who are aware that the cube ice isn’t enough especially for their increasing needs. In case, you got a big family or enjoy playing the host, in that case, you should put serious consideration to this device.

There is various best ice maker which you can buy for use. Various models of various manufacturers come with various functions, therefore, the requirement for sufficient under counter ice maker reviews before buying any given device.

There are various capabilities that various under the counter ice makers can manage. For example, we have models that manage 12 lbs of ice daily while other ones can create as much as 150 lbs of ice daily or much more depending on the ice machines.

The storage capability is probably the functions that decide the price tag of a particular model. The ones boasting large storage are somewhat costlier costing as much as four figures. In contrast, the smaller under counter ice machines – also known as ice makers for home, which is perfect for family needs can cost less than three figures. All right if you’re still feeling that why do you want one, in that case, we will give you with a few of its advantages:

  • These devices are convenient to handle.
  • The ice created is tastier and clear.
  • Can produce plenty of ice kind of 86 lbs daily in common.
  • This can cost less money because you don’t need to rush to get extra ice bags.
  • Many of these commercial under-counter ice maker products can compliment any décor and are elegant.



Sunpentown IM-150US SPT IM-600US U-Line BI95B-00 EdgeStar OIM450SS
Brand Sunpentown SPT Uline EdgeStar
Product Dimensions 18 x 15 x 25 inches 23.6 x 14.6 x 32.8 inches 27.5 x 20 x 18.2 inches 33.5" H x 14.6" W x 23.6" D
Product Weight 55 Pounds 84 Pounds 61.6 Pounds 89 Pounds
Daily Ice Creating Capacity 12 Pounds 50 Pounds 23 Pounds 50 Pounds
Color / Material Stainless steel Stainless steel door along with black color cabinet Black Stainless steel
Ice Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Type Undercounter Undercounter Undercounter Undercounter


Sunpentown IM-150US Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer

Sunpentown IM-150US Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker with FreezerThis model undoubtedly among the best undercounter ice maker machines available in the marketplace at the moment. The device has a metal door along with black color cabinet particularly intended to be built-in.

Nevertheless, the device is also user-friendly like an upright application as well as it features a rather contemporary attraction. The product can create as much as 12 lbs of ice daily and it can keep and store frozen about six lbs of ice cubes at once.

The overall dimension is rather portable and the door is reversible that makes the product simple to complement under the majority of best under counter fridge. The unit has a front airflow technology which enables the best integrated undercounter fridge application.

Additionally, it has an easily-removed bin which can hold as much as six lbs of the ice cube. Undercounter ice maker no drain is needed, however, the device should be set up by a certified plumber.

The unit is available in an overall 18 x 15 x 25 inches dimension and it approximately weighs about 55 lbs. The voltage needed for this to operate is about 115 that means which you will not have to bother about whether your power source would match.

The product is completely made from steel that contributes to the durable build. It is certain that you can fulfill your various requirements for ice cube together with this best built in ice maker for the money.

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EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice MakerBeing one among the best undercounter refrigerator ice machines out there currently shows that this specific unit truly brings plenty of benefits to the list. It has a front airflow technology for built-in use.

On the flip side, the product features a modern, sleek style that makes it an ideal complement for usage like an upright application.

The unit is built according to ADA height standard. It includes a ¼ inch 25-foot long water line that needs to be attached to your water system.

The reversible under counter door can move to the right or to the left for extra convenience. It needs less undercounter ice maker repair and has the best undercounter ice maker drawer.

The unit has got an ice scoop that could make it extremely simple for you in order to distribute and collect the ice that’s been created. It is able to deliver as much as 12 lbs of ice daily and holds approximately six lbs of ice cubes at once.

Therefore, you will not need to bother about regularly unloading the rack of the ice cube. No drain process is needed making the product even more helpful. It features a compact style that will let you put it in various small places for example countertops or cabinets.

Furthermore, this EdgeStar ice maker is hassle-free, cheap and easy to set up. It has an on as well as off button and an instant power off if the ice holder reach full storage. This would let you be confident that absolutely nothing is likely to damage the product in the case, you by chance ignore to power it off once you depart from your house.

It is available in 26 x 19 x 17 inches dimension and it roughly weighs around 59 lbs. Overall, this best under counter ice machine deserve the number two spot in our top six countertop ice maker reviews.

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SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker

SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice MakerThis product is known as among the top built in ice maker for home and it’s all for various different factors. Straightaway, the portable ice maker can produce a significant volume of 50 lbs of ice daily that can fulfill almost all types of needs.

On the other hand, it can hold and store frozen 25 lbs of ice cubes at once.

The device has an automatic shut-off function once the ice tray has attained its highest storage ability to make sure you that almost nothing would occur in case, you fail to power it off while you depart your house.

In addition, the model is made for a freestanding application or built-in. It features a front airflow system that enables simply integrated into a cabinet or under a countertop.

The metal door along with black color cabinet offers the product a contemporary and sleek style which shows that it can be employed in an upright application without spoiling the interior style of your cooking area.

This under the counter ice maker must make use of filtered water in order to make sure proper performance and maximum ice quality. It needs to be set up by a certified plumber as well as this is important. The model is available in overall 23.6 x 14.6 x 32.8 inches dimension and it approximately weighs 84 lbs. It got a storage capability of 1.67 cubic feet.

Apart from its considerable performance capabilities, it takes the conventional 120 volts to operate. The door is reversible in order to make sure further comfort. In general, it is our third recommended undercounter ice maker reviews for you. Other alternative best ice maker includes the Whirlpool ice maker and the KitchenAid undercounter ice maker.

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U-Line UBI95B00A Undercounter Crescent Ice Maker

U-Line UBI95B00A Undercounter Crescent Ice MakerA bi95b-00 model is an ice machine which is worth a talk in our home ice machine reviews. It is ideal for use like an indoor device only.

Nevertheless, it fulfills all of the US citizens with Handicaps Act, typically called ADA, height complement, meaning that it can be completely used by an elderly or disabled person.

The unit is fully able to offer as much as 23 lbs of cubes of ice daily by using under three gallons water. That is particularly helpful specifically in situations where water performance needs to be the top priority.

The device also has little electricity needs. No drain process is needed meaning that the set up is easy, convenient to perform and pretty affordable. Just the stuff you would require is a tube connection.

The unit has a 12 lbs storage area which may make sure you have sufficient area to hold your ice cubes without having to worry that it might get continuously loaded.

Also, the under cabinet ice maker is available in 27.5 x 20 x 18.2 inches dimension and it roughly weighs 61.6 lbs. It uses only around 110 to 115 volts power while operating that makes the unit especially cost-effective. This can certainly show on the energy bills which you get on a monthly basis. This is probably the best undercounter ice maker for undercounter ice maker sonic ice type.

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EdgeStar OIM450SS Outdoor Undercounter Clear Ice Maker

EdgeStar OIM450SS Outdoor Undercounter Clear Ice MakerThis model is completely covered in a high-quality commercial-range metal and it features an elegantly curved metal handle bar to create the unit an ideal match to any contemporary and modern designed kitchen area.

It includes an easily-removed ice cube bin that makes it extremely simple for you in order to move the cubes of ice.

It got computerized user controls to make sure really fast and easy navigation via the various operational configurations. The reversible feature door moves both right and left to make sure even more ease of use as the unit is integrated.

This makes it the residential undercounter ice maker reviews out there for you.

In contrast, it is an ideal match of being utilized in an upright application along with its contemporary appearance. The given ice cube scoop causes it extremely simple to distribute and collect the ice cube that you’ve made. You can produce restaurant sort hard, clear, and cube ice. The device has a protected ice area for storage that makes sure which the clear ice is likely to remain frozen much longer.

The machine features an easy three stage installation approach meaning that you do not need to bother about paying specialists to take care of the installation. Since the device is fully covered with a durable and sleek metal it is completely ideal for you to utilize it for your patio, outdoor kitchen or nearby the pool area during warm summer times to supply more than enough cubes of ice to your rejuvenating refreshments.

Some customers claim it is the top undercounter ice maker residential purpose. An alternative choice is the Whirlpool undercounter ice maker model like the Whirlpool GI15NDXZS.

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Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ 15″ UL Listed Built-In Self Contained Ice Maker

Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ 15 UL Listed Built-In Self Contained Ice MakerThis specific device is available in a considerable dimension but, with a modern and contemporary look which causes it the ideal match to your cooking area interior.

It got a front airflow system that makes the top ice maker ideal for creating it inside a countertop cabinet for example.

The unit weighs approximately 115 lbs and it is available in a metal color. It got a considerable dimension of around 22.6 x 14.9 x 33.5 inches that makes it mountable in kitchen cabinets for example however, it’s less likely that the device might match under a kitchen area countertop space.

The top undercounter ice maker operates on an 115 volts power electricity station and regardless of its considerable dimension it is somewhat cost-effective. It also features an airflow condenser.

The maximum ice cube storage potential is around 22 lbs which make sure that you will not need to bother about regularly unloading the ice tray bin. It is made to offer you along with full-sized crescent type cubes.

undoubtedly, the model is ideal for complementing any sort of residential needs for cubes of ice. It’s an ideal match for creating just around the correct volume of ice cube for whatever type of pool party or outdoor backyard event.

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  • Undercounter ice machines surely carry many advantages up for grabs. This is because of the truth that they’ve got more than a single application. For example, they are usually intended as integrated under countertops or even in numerous cabinets, but, the truth is that a majority of the brands dedicate plenty of hard work into the style.
  • Because of this generally, you can use your integrated ice creator like an upright application without having to worry about this not complementing your kitchen area interior style. A few of their benefits consist of:
  • They are usually able to produce a great deal of ice daily. Therefore, you will not need to bother about whether you may have sufficient ice cubes for the event you have organized.
  • Top undercounter ice maker machines have considerably big ice chambers, which make sure that you don’t need to bother about the regular draining of the cube ice bin because of overloads.
  • Many of these devices have a computerized turn off the option that’s particularly given to make the unit off as soon as the storage section has attained its highest possible capability. Because of this, the unit will not get too hot or create too much volume of ice if you overlook to shut it off whenever you depart your house.
  • They can save you some huge cash ultimately. This is because the point that you will not need to buy your ice bag. With a machine like this, you’d be capable of producing it by yourself so that you will not need to invest extra cash.
  • The main benefit of these devices is the chance to integrate them within the kitchen countertop or perhaps a particularly allocated cabinet. That is certainly likely to open plenty of working room on your kitchen countertop which you can use otherwise.
  • You’d be fully able to meet the majority of the clear ice creating needs for any type of family event starting from an outdoor backyard get together to a typical family dinner party.
  • The ice storage compartments of the best under counter ice maker models are usually covered which would make sure that you can store the ice cube in these for an extended time without having to worry that it might dissolve.

With all of this information in your mind, it’s obvious that an undercounter ice maker machine is the ideal option in case, you have considerable demand for the ice cube in your home. They’re most usually was once built-in, to save valuable countertop room.

This could enable you to use this place for something more productive, therefore, leaving much more usable space in your cooking area. Keep reading the best undercounter ice maker reviews for more information.


A sensible thing is always to stick to the risk-free side because it will keep you in check. There are some more factors that you have to consider before selecting which best-rated undercounter ice maker you have always wanted:


Looking into how cost-effective an undercounter ice machine is is actually a method for saving power and cash for you personally. This is due to ENERGY STAR ranked items can help to save as much as 15% on power and 23 percentage on water. This is definitely considerable money and energy in case, you estimate for any house or for a company.

A typical unit can help to save anywhere between 1500 KWH to 1200 KWH 6300 gallons water of annually. Don’t all of us want to spend less some extra and also in this situation there’s a chance to save your atmosphere too! Why don’t you give a try after which invest your precious income towards saving a lot more?

Drain or Without Drain

A few of the latest high-end ice maker units don’t have an individual drain line connection. This is simply because these units can preserve the frozen ice similar to a countertop freezer. Nevertheless, the majority of undercounter models features a drain water line since they cannot store the ice cube frozen every time.

These best portable ice makers have airflow system that handles everything else. The reality is ice dissolves and therefore, it requires draining process. This water comes out from this drain tube without a lot of hard work and the majority of products come along with single for free of charge. You have to consider your price budget as well as definitely your need prior to you order one.

Water Filter Feature

This really is again a thing that is actually a personal preference since water filters aren’t essential, however, are suggested. The reason? There are a couple of factors behind this particular one is which it retains your ice machine neatly and next, it stretches lifespan of your equipment.

Both of them are interrelated since less upkeep adds overall health to your device without a further consideration. Furthermore, it should be said that utilizing a water filtration could make your cube ice taste far better whilst keeping them really clear.

Custom Panel Door

This really is another function that you ought to check out prior to taking the ultimate call. If you’re able to modify the door panel of your cube ice maker or perhaps might pick one which suits your décor nicely makes it well worth your buy.

Or else, you can select for an upright one, once again it ought to be in a position to mix into your home furniture. Whether it is for your residence or your company style makes a difference a whole much in the choice of a clear ice producer.

Water-Cooled or Air-Cooled Models

As said earlier, the variation among these couple of kinds of models is the method of cooling down the compressor or the condenser.

The air-cooled models are usually more affordable in comparison to the water-cooled ones. Nevertheless, they’re quite loud in comparison to their own counterparts. Additionally, they emit deplete air that is hot and could bring distress by warming up the area.

On the flip side, the water-cooled undercounter ice machines are somewhat costlier. They are nevertheless very effective and runs silently. Their disadvantage is available in when the person arrives from an area that expenses large water prices for operating the model.

For quite a while, many accustomed to thinking about the water-cooled models to be the most preferred and the best undercounter ice maker machines. Nevertheless, in the close past, the rhythm has transformed a brand-new turn as well as the air-cooled models are regarded as the top choice.

Actually, there are a few brands that no more created water-cooled ice maker models. Energy Star company and many other green agencies no more give their qualification seal upon the water-cooled models.

This really is after it had been found that how much water, use of these products isn’t well worth the level of energy preserved when utilizing these devices. The volume of water utilized by these models is excellent, particularly because of the reason that these models don’t reuse the already stored water. It is used simply once. Because of this, you might result in expensive power and high water bills.


In general, the top ice machines for sale is truly something you should think about buying. You’ll save a great deal of cash that you could otherwise need to invest on getting your ice bag. This could end up in a considerable investment in the future. Furthermore, you can create ice cube on need anytime you want it.

This could let you to facilitate every specific requirement on many different events. You will not need to bother about dry running out of clear ice to your visitors when you’re organizing an outdoor backyard party for example. We have displayed you along with goal to offer you an option big enough to you to choose the best undercounter ice maker reviews for your specific scenario.

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